4 tips to maintain your ideal weight after 60 years:

4 tips to maintain your ideal weight after 60 years:

With minimal changes in day-to-day habits, maintaining good health can be achieved. When we exceed 60 years, the weight gain could occur due to a decrease in physical activity and that our lifestyle. And when the weight increased in that stage of life, those kilos are increasingly difficult to lower. With a few small variations in your lifestyle, you can reduce your weight. Follow these 4 tips.

  1. Physical activity:

As we know, any activity is better than none, more if we already accumulate many springs in the calendar. That is why you should perform at least 30 minutes of daily physical activity. The idea is to choose an activity that gives you some physical intensity, such as riding a bicycle or walking. Remember that older people who gain weight are more likely to suffer from heart disease or even diabetes.

  1. Food:

Remove from your menu, all those products that are processed, that have fat or a lot of sugar. All of them only add non-beneficial grams to their body. Eat foods rich in fiber and nutrients, which slow down the digestion process, which will no longer hungry so often. This will also help lower the risk of diseases. It is also recommended to eat whole grain foods, vegetables, fruits, and lean meats.

  1. Several meals:

As one age, the digestive system becomes slower. Having more meals a day, in small portions, helps alleviate that problem. Change eating enough 3 times a day, by eating 5 times reduced portions. This will also help you maintain your blood sugar level.

  1. Strengthen muscles:

Many people look for this by adding weight on their ankles and wrists when making their walks. What they achieve with this is to strengthen their muscles, which helps them maintain their metabolism high, preventing weight gain. It is recommended to carry out, three days a week and for 30 minutes, this type of exercises, where weight or resistance is added. All these tips will help you stay healthy over time, and so you can enjoy much more of your family, who are the most important of your life.

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